Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fit results...

I woke up this morning with a very sore rib that I had hurt last week then re-aggravated Thursday night. I planned on riding the Derby in Trexlertown, but was really considering bailing with it being 29* and being sore. I figured I had to get out and try the new insoles and bike fit to review the changes.

I met Steve S. at SMC, we were supposed to meet Bill Strickland there, but he didn't come out to play in the wind. We rolled out of the parking lot at 9:15 and I could almost instantly feel the difference in my pedaling with the Aline's. What I also noticed was how much easier it was to reach the hoods & drops.

After the ride I got back to the Velodrome and shot the breeze with Vegan Rob before he was heading out to the Sunday Bike Line crits. I headed back to SMC solo and felt pretty good.

Details - 52.7 miles 3:01 total time, 17.3 average. With a 20.2 average just on the Derby loop 32.7 miles, 1:36 ride time.

I think once my legs are fresh and a non-injured rib I will be able to determine the differences in the fit. But feeling the rib while standing and sometimes while breathing had to slow me down some - and this was about the fastest time I've done on this loop.

More details to come on the differences in the 29'er fit.


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