Thursday, August 5, 2010


I was told I should either delete the blog or update it, your blog sucks, update and I'll tell how to suck less at racing xc.  So here we are, a rough 3 months between posts - it's really easy to neglect the blog when you've already missed a month.  I've not really been doing any "training", I have been riding my bike sometimes, although not enough to do well.

I started riding/racing my singlespeed, which has been going ok at someplaces (marsh creek) and not so ok at others (fair hill & bear creek).  A lot of this "may" be attributed to me going out to hard on the start. 

On a non bike but blog related, apparently while not blogging you get a lot of spam comments from people with chinese writing.  Also Blogger must have done some sort of update where the preview function actually works.  I'll have to try that out.

Up next is the Guy's Racing - Neshaminy on the singlespeed for hopefully a better race than Bear Creek.  Good thing I updated the blog so I can get some professional advice from The Experience.