Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sh*tty week...

I guess I'll chalk this week up to a recovery week. I haven't ridden since Sunday, and the only thing I've done is work, sleep, and some stretching (which I actually hurt my back doing??) I'm gonna try to get some time on the new/used rollers I picked up off of MTBR.

Between work, and the crappy weather on Tuesday I haven't gotten to ride. I was planning on getting out tomorrow, however the weather is looking less than ideal.

Oh well, to the basement I go. Also, I have to remove some body parts from my BMW K1200GT for paint work at the Vinart Body Shop.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday ride...

I'm a little late posting this one. I've been strangely busy at work.

I met Bill Strickland, Brad Ford, and Vegan Rob at SMC for a warm up ride out to The Velodrome to ride the Derby. As usual I was rushing around to get there on time, and still have enough time to have a double espresso.

We left the shop at 9:15am and headed west toward the Velodrome. We made great time heading out there - roughly 32 minutes. We kept a nice pace on the way out of 15.5 avg. I have to thank Bill & Brad for getting me hooked on riding to the Derby, it's really a great way to add an hour or so to the ride. I may actually try to ride there from my house soon.

Roughtly 9.5 miles later we are circling the Velodrome parking lot waiting for Paul "The Animal" Pearson to "caw" the ride and lead us out. About 4o or so riders showed, some I've ridden with before and a lot I don't know - but was told there are quite a few pros on this ride.

As we rode through some of the newer developments near the Velodrome, everyone started to warm up and the pace started picking up - although very comfortable until the turn. Although the turn onto Fleetwood/Lyons road the pace picks up quickly. After I got dropped off the group twice at Weaver's and Deka Battery, I was pretty tired. I was able to get my second wind and catch some of the group to get back to the start a few minutes after everyone was cooling down - at least they were still there :)

The same group headed back to SMC along with Pearson and Steve. I was happy to return for more coffee and a muffin. I had a good ride and really feel that riding with the very talented people is going to really help my riding in the future.

Boring details for the numbers freaks (like myself)

Ride Time: 2:46:47
Mileage: 50.58 miles
Totl Ascent: 2067 feet
Avg Speed: 18.2 mph (20 mph avg just for the derby - which is the fasted I've averaged)
Avg HR: 161 bpm
Max HR: 193 bpm (that's the highest I've seen in awhile)


Saturday, January 26, 2008

new wheels...

I'm just getting ready to send out my hubs to Stan's to have them lace up some 29'er ZTR355's with some DT Supercomp spokes.

This should net out a pretty light but durable wheelset for the new 29'er. This should be here next week!

Updates on the build to follow soon.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1st commute...

I had to leave my car at work today, so instead of having my wife drive from home to pick - I decided to bring my bike and ride home. The weather forecast wasn't looking promising, with low-mid 30's and 60% chance of rain/snow. I was gonna make a game time call at 4pm, if it's not snowing I'm riding.

5pm - I geared up and headed across Lehigh St. rode to the Fish Hatchery and then headed west. I got my second flat on the new bike, same thing a little sharp stone in the tread of the rear Maxxis tire that came on the bike. I booted the cut and installed a new tube using my new c02 inflator which worked a lot better than my old one. I think it used to leak as much air as it put in.

After a good cool down while fixing the flat I was off again. I turned onto Cetronia Rd and made a right on Werley Rd - which was the wrong turn. It actually dumped me out on Tilghman St which turns into Old Rt 22 but is actually highway like for a bit.

I climbed a couple decent hills along Old 22, and after the last fairly grueling climb I pulled into my development. First commute home - not too bad. I think I'm gonna try to do this to and from work once or twice a week, however my 9am - 9pm work day might make that difficult.

Stats from ride - more boring numbers (but they keep me somewhat motivated)

Ride Time: 1:42:00
Mileage: 26.00 miles
Totl Ascent: 1918 feet
Avg Speed: 15.3mph
Avg HR: 142bpm


Sunday, January 20, 2008

brrr 18* ride...

Dan K. posted a base ride with some intervals at Jordan for 9am. I suggested changing it up for 9am at SMC for coffee (figuring we would be leaving by 9:30) then ride through the parkway and some road to Jordan. Everyone involved agreed to move the start to SMC and ride over.

I unfortunately had to chase Duke (my 6 yr old yellow lab) around the development - therefore I was a little late to the shop. I got there at 9:19 for a slew of shots being thrown my way for being late - I was also told they were intending to leave at 9am. Taylor had a double dirty espresso waiting on the counter for me - thankfully. I then proceeded to heat up some oatmeal and eat breakfast :) It's not bad enough I was late, but I figured I was already gonna be harassed so why not. The group was Dan Killingsworth, Tom Demyan, my Spokes Bike Shop teammate Mike Carter, and myself.

We road briskly into the 19* windy weather towards the parkway, which was frozen and fast. After riding up 15th street through Allentown, Mike says "Where the hell are we?" and we finally cross under route 22 and arrive at Jordan. Dan pulls out a thermos with some coffee from his rack bag, which I wasn't allowed to have any as my punishment for being late.

There were a few people already riding that we were meeting - Frank Armetta, Spago, Gennady, Evan and Laura. We ducked into the woods for some cover from the wind. The trails were obviously frozen and very quick with some excellent traction. We all rode together for awhile, Dan was doing great on his SS 42x16 Surly Cross Check with everyone else on 29'ers, 69'ers, hardtails, and full suspensions (he's soo hard core) I was kind enough to switch with him for a little while to give him a break - I'm sure he enjoyed the cushy ride of the 29'er. After a bit of riding Dan and Tom headed out and we continued riding for a bit.

After playing on some logs we finished the loop and headed back to the parking lot. Evan had a flask of Jack Daniels which I hit a shot or two to warm up for the ride home. Mike and I headed out on the road - which I think was just as cold as when were arrived 1.5 hours earlier. About 35 minutes later we arrived back at the shop, Mike had to get out to Spokes and I enjoyed some more coffee before heading home.

Stats from the ride are:

Ride Time: 2:39:17
Mileage: 26.14 miles
Totl Ascent: 1820 feet
Avg Speed: 9.8 mph
Avg HR: 156 bpm

Sorry to bore you with the numbers.


Friday, January 18, 2008

Lunch ride...

Yesterday it started snowing late afternoon and was supposed to change to rain. Fortunately, the the roads cleared up pretty early.

I left the house to meet the Rodale lunch crew for a quick road ride. Bill Strickland, Cush, Laroo, Steak and I road the Vera Cruz Loop - a little over 17 miles in 1:03. Bill took the bridge sprint which I was setting up for (not that I think I'll actually win one of these sprints). I'm sure there are some tactics I need to figure out with the lunch ride sprints - I'm still new to road riding and the Rodale group rides.

After the Rodale group headed back to work I went to SMC for a recovery latte and pumpkin muffin :) I chilled there for a little while and headed back out for more riding by myself. I ended up doing some of the Sauerkraut loop out to Ray Alvarado's house to check in on him after he broke his ankle last week - and having surgery. He was out having lunch with his wife Tina, so I headed back towards Emmaus.

After riding for about 2.5 hours and 40ish miles I stopped back at SMC for a bit. I had a few malted beverages while talking to Aaron Snyder who was building his new Jamis Super Nova cross/road bike. Then I headed home to for dinner and some time with Christine and the dogs.


First Post...

Well, here is my first post on my blog. I should warn you all that I'm horrible at writing and punctuation. I figure I spend so much useless time on the internet reading bicycling & motorcycling forums and other people blogs, that I should waist some of that time writing about me.

I know it's a plain design, but I'm not really creative and am just learning how to use this site.