Friday, January 18, 2008

Lunch ride...

Yesterday it started snowing late afternoon and was supposed to change to rain. Fortunately, the the roads cleared up pretty early.

I left the house to meet the Rodale lunch crew for a quick road ride. Bill Strickland, Cush, Laroo, Steak and I road the Vera Cruz Loop - a little over 17 miles in 1:03. Bill took the bridge sprint which I was setting up for (not that I think I'll actually win one of these sprints). I'm sure there are some tactics I need to figure out with the lunch ride sprints - I'm still new to road riding and the Rodale group rides.

After the Rodale group headed back to work I went to SMC for a recovery latte and pumpkin muffin :) I chilled there for a little while and headed back out for more riding by myself. I ended up doing some of the Sauerkraut loop out to Ray Alvarado's house to check in on him after he broke his ankle last week - and having surgery. He was out having lunch with his wife Tina, so I headed back towards Emmaus.

After riding for about 2.5 hours and 40ish miles I stopped back at SMC for a bit. I had a few malted beverages while talking to Aaron Snyder who was building his new Jamis Super Nova cross/road bike. Then I headed home to for dinner and some time with Christine and the dogs.


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