Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1st commute...

I had to leave my car at work today, so instead of having my wife drive from home to pick - I decided to bring my bike and ride home. The weather forecast wasn't looking promising, with low-mid 30's and 60% chance of rain/snow. I was gonna make a game time call at 4pm, if it's not snowing I'm riding.

5pm - I geared up and headed across Lehigh St. rode to the Fish Hatchery and then headed west. I got my second flat on the new bike, same thing a little sharp stone in the tread of the rear Maxxis tire that came on the bike. I booted the cut and installed a new tube using my new c02 inflator which worked a lot better than my old one. I think it used to leak as much air as it put in.

After a good cool down while fixing the flat I was off again. I turned onto Cetronia Rd and made a right on Werley Rd - which was the wrong turn. It actually dumped me out on Tilghman St which turns into Old Rt 22 but is actually highway like for a bit.

I climbed a couple decent hills along Old 22, and after the last fairly grueling climb I pulled into my development. First commute home - not too bad. I think I'm gonna try to do this to and from work once or twice a week, however my 9am - 9pm work day might make that difficult.

Stats from ride - more boring numbers (but they keep me somewhat motivated)

Ride Time: 1:42:00
Mileage: 26.00 miles
Totl Ascent: 1918 feet
Avg Speed: 15.3mph
Avg HR: 142bpm


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