Sunday, January 20, 2008

brrr 18* ride...

Dan K. posted a base ride with some intervals at Jordan for 9am. I suggested changing it up for 9am at SMC for coffee (figuring we would be leaving by 9:30) then ride through the parkway and some road to Jordan. Everyone involved agreed to move the start to SMC and ride over.

I unfortunately had to chase Duke (my 6 yr old yellow lab) around the development - therefore I was a little late to the shop. I got there at 9:19 for a slew of shots being thrown my way for being late - I was also told they were intending to leave at 9am. Taylor had a double dirty espresso waiting on the counter for me - thankfully. I then proceeded to heat up some oatmeal and eat breakfast :) It's not bad enough I was late, but I figured I was already gonna be harassed so why not. The group was Dan Killingsworth, Tom Demyan, my Spokes Bike Shop teammate Mike Carter, and myself.

We road briskly into the 19* windy weather towards the parkway, which was frozen and fast. After riding up 15th street through Allentown, Mike says "Where the hell are we?" and we finally cross under route 22 and arrive at Jordan. Dan pulls out a thermos with some coffee from his rack bag, which I wasn't allowed to have any as my punishment for being late.

There were a few people already riding that we were meeting - Frank Armetta, Spago, Gennady, Evan and Laura. We ducked into the woods for some cover from the wind. The trails were obviously frozen and very quick with some excellent traction. We all rode together for awhile, Dan was doing great on his SS 42x16 Surly Cross Check with everyone else on 29'ers, 69'ers, hardtails, and full suspensions (he's soo hard core) I was kind enough to switch with him for a little while to give him a break - I'm sure he enjoyed the cushy ride of the 29'er. After a bit of riding Dan and Tom headed out and we continued riding for a bit.

After playing on some logs we finished the loop and headed back to the parking lot. Evan had a flask of Jack Daniels which I hit a shot or two to warm up for the ride home. Mike and I headed out on the road - which I think was just as cold as when were arrived 1.5 hours earlier. About 35 minutes later we arrived back at the shop, Mike had to get out to Spokes and I enjoyed some more coffee before heading home.

Stats from the ride are:

Ride Time: 2:39:17
Mileage: 26.14 miles
Totl Ascent: 1820 feet
Avg Speed: 9.8 mph
Avg HR: 156 bpm

Sorry to bore you with the numbers.


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