Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bear Creek and running...

Running?? Monday night after work I got this crazy thought to take Jane (our Shepherd / Rottweiler mix) for a run around the development. One lap is .5 mile, I did 2 with her with the second won a little slower as she was lagging behind. I dropped her off back at the house and went out for another 2 laps, 1 lap all running and another run / walk lap. Roughly 20 minutes of running - and I'm pretty sore.

Tuesday night I met up with VeganRob for some laps of the race course at Bear Creek. Trail conditions were great, with only a little mud on the trails. There were a few other riders out there which was good to see, also a group of trail runners were out there. We did two laps before running outta light, the xc race is 3 laps - so my upcoming plans are to try to bust out 3-4 laps at least a few times before the race.

Tonight, another run on tap. Jane came along again, and was able to hang for 3 laps this time. I'm trying to not only build my running endurance, but hers too. Another 2 miles and 20 minutes. I feel like 10 minute miles are pretty slow - and I'm still sore! I may try a parkway or trail run soon too, just to see what the difference is between trail / street.

I don't really see myself getting too wrapped up in running, but I figured it was a good way to get a quick workout in. Also, with cross season coming up around the corner, I would like to be more prepared this year than last. I hope to start hitting some intervals / hills in the next few weeks. I think there's a race only 3 or so weeks away.

Time for some sleep, 'night!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's been awhile..

Well not a lot's gone on since my last update, since I'm a slacker and don't update. I haven't been really training too much, just riding. I was sick for about a solid month, killing my thoughts of 2,5,10 and the Wilderness 101.

I raced French Creek last Sunday, had a great first lap, a not so great 2nd lap, but finished 3rd outta 5 or 6 guys. I really need to step up some training for a good result at Bear Creek, the last race in the MASS. I may try to hit up another H2H race or 2 after Bear Creek, then it's cross time. I really think I will enjoy the cooler temps in the cross season, the damn heat and humidity is killing me during xc efforts.

Friday, I did a road ride from my house out to Kutztown for coffee and a cookie. I planned on going for 3 or 4 hours, though my plan was cut short by some crazy storms. This was the worst rain I've been out in, including some torrential downpours I've ridden through on the motorcycle a few years ago. The difference is on the motorcycle you have a bit more protective gear on, and on the road bike the rain hurts like crazy.

After SMC happy hour a bunch of us went to Grumpy's BBQ in Whitehall. They have some damn good food, and they had Dogfish Head Ale 60 minute on tap. They also had a blues/rock band playing that really kicked ass. If you have a chance check these guys out - Eddie Bluestone.

Sunday - no racing! Just hit up Lehigh with Mike Melnick for a few hours. I gave him the whole tour, we hit mostly every trail and some forwards and backwards. It was a pretty killer loop, about 19 miles with quite a bit of climbing. Conditions were perfect, after the previous rain fall we had on Friday and Saturday night.

Back to work tomorrow- and thankfully Cash For Clunkers is OVER! It brought in quite a few customers, but most of them were very VERY frugal and its a ton of bullshit paperwork. Now let's see if the government actually pays us, the dealership has about $800k outstanding from the program.

I'm all updated out, maybe I'll post back quicker than my last 2 month old post. Not that any of this is really interesting. Later