Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bear Creek and running...

Running?? Monday night after work I got this crazy thought to take Jane (our Shepherd / Rottweiler mix) for a run around the development. One lap is .5 mile, I did 2 with her with the second won a little slower as she was lagging behind. I dropped her off back at the house and went out for another 2 laps, 1 lap all running and another run / walk lap. Roughly 20 minutes of running - and I'm pretty sore.

Tuesday night I met up with VeganRob for some laps of the race course at Bear Creek. Trail conditions were great, with only a little mud on the trails. There were a few other riders out there which was good to see, also a group of trail runners were out there. We did two laps before running outta light, the xc race is 3 laps - so my upcoming plans are to try to bust out 3-4 laps at least a few times before the race.

Tonight, another run on tap. Jane came along again, and was able to hang for 3 laps this time. I'm trying to not only build my running endurance, but hers too. Another 2 miles and 20 minutes. I feel like 10 minute miles are pretty slow - and I'm still sore! I may try a parkway or trail run soon too, just to see what the difference is between trail / street.

I don't really see myself getting too wrapped up in running, but I figured it was a good way to get a quick workout in. Also, with cross season coming up around the corner, I would like to be more prepared this year than last. I hope to start hitting some intervals / hills in the next few weeks. I think there's a race only 3 or so weeks away.

Time for some sleep, 'night!



Euphoria said...

run forest run!

veganrob said...

last post on 8/28? dont make me delete you out of favs. hi , i'm tom