Saturday, February 23, 2008

Caffeine 29'er...

Well the new bike is here! It always tough to get a good pic of the bike on Cannondale's website - but I think the flames should match the Spoke's Bike Shop race jersey well. I haven't had a chance to ride it outside yet. I swapped some components onto it and put the other stuff aside to sell on ebay. The bike weighed in at 26.66 lbs. no pedals or reflectors. After swapping out the brakes for my favorites (Marta SL),shifters, derailleurs and bars - I got it down to 25.74 lbs. with pedals and two bottle cages.

I have to throw some tires on the Stan's wheelset to see what the final build weight will be but I'm guessing somewhere around 23 lbs. Should be pretty sweet all done.

Hopefully I should get out to ride it tomorrow at Salisbury. Ride report to follow.


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Kim said...


If only I was a little taller, I could experience the 29er hype/love.