Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bike update...

A few more parts for my new bike build came in. SRAM was kind enough to give me a new X0 rear derailleur as a replacement for the one I had issues with on the PA Punk Bike Jim Thorpe ride.

SRAM has some nice way of boxing up their high end X0 stuff. Here is my new X0 gripshift which I have grown to really like the way gripshift works. I really like that you can trim the front derailleur to get rid of the chain rub on the cage.

This is the replacement cage I purchased to fix my rear derailleur, before SRAM agreed to just send a whole new derailleur. So now I have an extra cage - which I'm sure I'll have to use sometime.

The wheels should be in Monday or Tuesday at SMC. I guess now all I need is for the bike connection to come through with the bike, hopefully by next Friday.


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