Monday, February 25, 2008

Fresh tracks...

Some of us don't get the joy of riding in snow! They get to do sunny road rides or dry mountain rides.

After the fresh snow we got on Friday there were still some trails that hadn't been hiked or ridden on. It was a lot of fun cutting fresh tracks through Salisbury.

The climbs were all pretty difficult, but mostly makeable if you stayed seated and just spun up them. The WTB Prowler's on the new 29'er proved to be a decent tire - no snow stuck to them at all with others on Maxxis tires were all packed up with snow.

Dan K. rocking the berms

Ian plowing the berms

Dan's just getting back at me for giving him the finger earlier.

We had a blast playing in the snow - it was like when you were a kid and had off school for a snow day. After the ride we headed to SMC for some warmth (espresso) and conversation with all the other locals either heading out for 4 hour road rides or coming back from the Derby. Looks like a great cycling day in the Lehigh Valley.


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