Saturday, February 9, 2008

Friday trifecta...

Finally the weather broke yesterday!! I was able to get on the bike for the first time since last Sunday. Although, I didn't feel all that great on the bike - I think I'm starting to catch whatever cold/flu crap going on at work.

Hans, Heath and I met Brian at SMC for the "warm up" loop before the Rodale lunch ride. Apparently Brian's idea of warm up is to CLIMB. We left the shop and headed right up 5th street. Heath must have heard the gun go off the hill climb race, because he walked my Brian and I like we were stopped. Turns out, Heath love hills and has new bikeitis. We headed for some more hills - some steep ones that measured 28% grade on the Garmin 305. After all this hill hunting we headed back to meet the lunch group.

In addition to the earlier group there was Beth, Steve, Matt and Brad. We headed out toward Macungie for the Mountain Rd loop. I still don't know all the loops these guys have - but you can find a daily account of the ride on the Emmaus Cycling website. Five minutes into the ride Beth got a flat - so after about 5-10 minutes of who's got a tube, who's got c02, and Steve checking for any residual debris in the tire, we were off again. There were a few good sprints (none of which I was involved in for more than a few seconds)

We headed back to SMC to meet Christina for part 3 of the trifecta ride. We headed out for the Vera Cruz Backwards loop. Brian and I split off about half way through and climbed the backside of 2nd street. I forgot how long 2nd was that way!!

Mandatory geeky details.

Ride Time: 2:43.41
Mileage: 41.01 miles
Totl Ascent: 3556 feet
Avg Speed: 15.0 mph
Avg HR: 154 bpm
Max HR: 192 bpm (probably on Beverly Hills Rd)


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