Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stan's gunfire = ringing ears...

I'll tell you, ya haven't lived until you've blown up a tire while converting tubeless. I was converting a Kenda Small Block 8 for the rear of my new Caffeine 29'er - must've aired it up too much :) It was about 10:30ish tonight and sounded like gunfire in the garage. Oh I forgot to mention there was 2 ounces of Stan's juice in there - that was a mess.

The project wasn't a total bust as I finally did get it sealed. But I was left with a little ring in the ear and Stan's everywhere, on the rotor, cassette, wall, door, fleece jacket, and unfortunately my face. That stuff actually tastes kinda good (I feel like I just ate a superball) - although I don' t recommend downing a bottle.


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Pete said...

I blew a car tire off a rim once....that was loud