Wednesday, February 13, 2008

wintry slop..

While others were out riding in the snow I was unfortunately stuck at work with no work to actually do - people don't usually car shop in shitty conditions. I had made plans with Dan to ride SM Emmaus, but he bailed on me to play with his kid - I can't blame him as the roads sucked and I'm sure the way the sleet/ice was coming down around 5pm the mountain would've sucked as well.

So I figured I'd chill with my wife and watch American Idol (unfortunately I've begun to somewhat enjoy the show - probably for the ridicule from Simon). After she headed to bed, I hit the basement for "some" roller time. It was all I could to squeak out 35 minutes.

As boring as riding indoors is, I'm starting to get pretty good on the rollers. I've tried no handed, which works for about 30-45 seconds, drinking, wiping sweat and changing songs on the ipod. I haven't exactly fallen off them YET. I'm sure the next time I ride them I'm bound to fall now, after saying that.

Everyone enjoy the shitty roads in the morning - should be a lot of slipping and sliding around southeastern PA. Some of us don't have to worry about this shitty weather, Pete is enjoying nice 60* weather all week in sunny California - bastard!


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