Saturday, March 29, 2008

Duck season, wabbit season??

Actually today was the first day of fishing season. This is one thing I never really understood, the only fun part seems to be drinking at 7am. I got outta the house early before work and did an hour ride at Jordan creek.

As I rounded the corner near the gardening area at Jordan, I could've sworn there was some sort of cult meeting going on. There were tents, campfires, and a bunch of camouflage clad fisherman. As I've never been a fisherman - what the heck are they hiding from?

Today would've been a perfect day for a bell, which is something I've never had on a bike. I got really tired of having to ask people to move please, plus most of them looked at me with the same confused look I had when seeing them out there by the hundreds.

Tomorrow I might end up going out to pre-ride Fair Hill or stay local and do a lap at Blue Marsh. I hope everyone enjoys the nice weather we're supposed to have tomorrow.


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