Sunday, March 23, 2008

double the fun...

Mike Carter and I decided to go out Friday morning and give him a tour of Lehigh. When we were starting is was still pretty damn cold - however, there was another guy there just starting out in shorts and a t-shirt?? We were all bundled up, winter gloves and hats. The conditions were amazing after the rain we had the day or two before, but Lehigh is always the best place to ride after rain (a lot of rocks) It seems like Mike really liked Superman (long switch back technical climb) and he made it through with only 2 dabs!

Then we planned on riding over to Sals for a loop. It was still a bit cold in the late morning, early afternoon so we drove over to Sals. On the way we stopped for some much needed fuel at WaWa. This loop was a little faster than the Lehigh loop, a little more flow here. After the switchbacks we went through the Boulder trail, Mike had a few dabs and I cleaned the whole thing, probably only the 2nd time I've cleaned it!

We only got in 18 miles in 3.5 hours with around 4000 feet of climbing. We both felt about as tired as a few weeks ago at Camp Hilbert.


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