Sunday, March 2, 2008

More riding..

The plan for the day was to meet up with some of the Bean's race team for a tour of French Creek - plan foiled by lack of child care for the ride leader. On to "Plan B" - head to Emmaus, meet up with some much faster riders for a trip to Trexlertown for the Derby.

Starting out was kinda tough, with my legs quite tired from Friday's ride. After settling in to a nice pace my legs starting feeling a bit better and I figured maybe the Derby won't be TOO bad after all. After the ritual cruise around the Velodrome parking lot - waiting for "The Animal" to call to ride - wait no Pearson? The whole group left in disarray without our usual ride leader :)

Once the pace kicked up at the "turn" I wasn't really able to hang on to the group - so I just went at my own pace, which was pretty hard without having a pack to break the wind. I got back to the Velodrome to meet the group for the ride back to SMC. Surprisingly I felt a 2nd wind - and decided to grab some espresso and head out for a bit more riding. Duane was headed out towards Kutztown - and I convinced him to ride over to the local training crit at the industrial park to watch some local fast guys on a 1 kilometer course. A stop at Wawa for some fuel, some good races and we were back in Emmaus - I got my 80 miles in I'm heading home and Duane still had about 6 miles to ride home.

Now I'm tired, I might actually get to sleep at a reasonable hour - probably now.

Good night



Kim said...

I will keep you posted about upcoming French Creek rides...glad you got some quality miles in!

Travis said...

Sounds like a couple good days in the saddle....time to start kicking things up for MASS.

Sorry to hear about your grandfather.