Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sals in lieu of French Creek..

The weather man was calling for rain last night into this morning and they were right for a change. The plan was to do 2 laps of the French Creek race loop - plan was canceled due to weather.

Fortunately Dan posted up a Sals ride for 2pm, after the rain and let it warm up a bit. The ride started out at Dodson with 5 or 6 of us, Ian was lagging off the back after a long winter of not riding. We sent him out the road before the switchbacks, now the group is really starting to break up as Luby Jr broke his freehub - another one bites the dust.

Somewhere between the Boulder Trail and the Three Bitches we picked up a really strong SS Redline rider - this guy was rocking the climbs! Finishing the loop back at Dodson for a refuel and lap 2, unfortunately the others had to head off to other Sunday things. Dan, SS'er, and I headed back toward St. Lukes at a fast pace, dropping off the SS'er for his commute home. We then went out to finish the 2nd loop at a very brisk pace.

Earlier in the ride was saw some assclowns riding dirt bikes and ATV's at Constitution, as we rolled through again the police were there questioning/arresting? the ATV'ers. Dan was running on empty both time and legs, so we boogied the Spanky bypass and took the road up from there back to the cars.

Just as I was driving home it started raining, what great timing! I got in just under 3 hours for the day and was really digging the new bike, while trying out some lower tire pressures with the Stan's wheelset.

Bed time now.



Travis said...

Sounds like a good day in the saddle, and it's just over three weeks till you try the girl out in her first XC race in FairHill.

Matt said...

Thats on my schedule as well. This one is a lap race though right, not the normal long one lap? I had a shitty time there last year, was feeling great then a fast crash (fair hill of all places??) Then I broke a chain twice and shifted into the spokes. Lets hope this one will be much better for me.


Travis said...

Yeah, this guy is a lap race. Two laps for Sport and three for Expert. Looks like it's a 7.5 loop