Friday, March 14, 2008

New job?

I think I'm gonna start looking for a job as a weather man. Its probably the only career where you're able to be wrong a majority of time and still get paid.

Today I love the weather men for being wrong this afternoon - what do they know anyway?? It was supposed to rain from the afternoon on, wrong. Thankfully they were wrong, as I got out for about two and half spectacular hours on the road. The weather was amazing - almost shorts and short sleeve jersey.

After the ride, I got a well deserved massage (no, not the happy ending kind) after the long race and week at work. I'm feeling great now, got some good chinese take out and some chocolate.

Kim mentioned chocolate covered coconut eggs, and coincidentally my wife had just brought some home from one of her co-workers. Boy are these things good, she also got some peanut butter ones too!


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