Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tough mudder?

Last night I did some hill repeats, a chill pace loop, and a race pace loop at Bear Creek.  During the chill loop I noticed some of the stuff they have set up for the Tough Mudder competition this weekend.

Somehow they kept some snow around for these guys/gals to run through. 

They also put in this pond, which they are supposedly gonna throw a bunch of ice in, that they will have to swim through??

I always forget how fun this place is to ride.  The second lap was at race pace, just to see where I'm at compared to last year.  My fastest lap in the race was 53 minutes last year, and yesterday I did a 49:47 but I also added about a half mile to the loop.  I was pretty happy with how I felt, considering I didn't feel too good at Greenbrier.  Though, I really need to work on consistency between laps - as my lap times last year at Bear Creek were 53, 57, 1:06.

See you at Granogue!

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