Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pre-race prep?

What's your pre-race prep?  Do you do an "opener" workout the day before a race?  What's your warm-up like the day of a race, whether it be an xc race, cx race, road race, or endurance race?  What other pre-race rituals do you have, ie: food day before and day off?

This morning I did an opener workout on the rollers - 10 minutes warmup, 1 min max, 1 min rest, 1 min max, 2 min rest, 2 min max, 2min rest, 2 min max, 4 min cool-down.   Tomorrow I'm going to try to do a good warmup before the Granogue race, as I didn't ret a good warmup at Greenbrier and felt it instantly on the first climb.

Post a comment with your routines.  Thanks!


Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

always openers.
routine varies on the effort, and what I did during the week. Usually ends up to be a total of 9-10 mins of effort...

see you tomorrow.


SY said...

Night before: Steak, pretty rare. A nice drink.
Morning of: A solid breakfast 3 hours out. Some food and caffeine 45 minutes out. Openers shortly there after. Warm up depends on length of race; but always include a nice jam up some hill.
Take a deep breath, smile and settle into the race.
That's all I got.

Plunkett said...


Euphoria said...

what plunkett said!

The Matt Miller Experience said...

if you update, ill tell you