Sunday, April 18, 2010

LBD minus 5 hours...

The 4th annual Leesburg Bakers Dozen 13 hour race was this weekend. I took another shot at this event, having done a duo two years ago with a decent finish, last year a solo bailing at 8 hours and 70 miles.

This year I have been getting some longer rides before the event, and went into it pretty well rested. I thought I had nutrition figured out, I planned on using Infinit Nutrition as my primary fuel, with some gels and solid food here and there.

Looking back I probably should've eaten more solid foods throughout the morning and afternoon. I had a much better start than last year, and ran some pretty consistent lap times for 4 laps before stopping to switch bottles. Maybe pitting every two laps for a little food would've been better. More knowledge for the next longer race I guess.

I hit the wall at around 8 hours, I figured having already done 15 more miles than last year in the same time, I pulled the plug before I started riding stupid. That was on the 11th lap, I had no power and a really low heart rate and just wasn't feeling right.

8 hours is a long time on the bike, congrats to the folks who did the full 13. At least I got a few hours of partying in after my ride. Next up is probably Greenbriar or Granogue - go register NOW for this race, it's one of the best races in the MASS put on by Fatmarc - one of the most positive guys in the sport. Not sure if it'll be XC or enduro - fortunately the enduro at both are only 4 hours.

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Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

thanks for the kind words Matt... you looked strong out there...