Thursday, March 18, 2010

Public Service Announcement..


When fixing a broken chain make sure you go around this little pin on the chain dangler. Otherwise it'll make a racket - but it'll work till you get out, or so I'm told a few 100 mile races.

Another great night of mountain biking at Sals, although I broke a chain at the most fun downhill just before the Three Bitches climbs. Fortunately I had a quick link with me un-like when I once broke a chain while riding with Bowman and I didn't have one - he give me a spare link (now I'm cursed by him)

Another thing I'd like to point out, POISON IVY. I've forgotten all about this since its been winter, and I attempted to do a little trail maintenance on Tuesday night. We grabbed some broken trees outta the trail that had some poison ivy vines attached, however I don't recall grabbing any of them. Though I must have, since I have some poison ivy on my face and an area I'd like to not have it. LESSON: Don't attempt to move anything NEAR poison ivy, then touch your face, then take a leak.

Hoping to get to the doctor's for a steroid shot to get rid of this poison, and get a few hours on at Lehigh and Sals tomorrow.

UPDATE: Got a prednisone shot, and 40 prednisone pills to take. Hope to be poison free in a few days.

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