Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I actually got out on some dirt last night! The trails at Salisbury have dried up quite well, the conditions are nearly perfect. Traction is amazing, even though I kinda forget how to ride a mountain bike. I also seem to forget how to dress for this time of year, it always takes a few days of warmer weather to figure it out again.

End result of the ride was a broken Garmin 705 due to trail sabotage. There's a electrical?? wire down near St Lukes coming from Dodson, its been there for a long time - however some asshat strung it up in some trees across the trail. Unfortunately I didn't see it, the wire hooked my Garmin off the stem, turned my light on and threw me over the bars.

Capped off the ride with some food and beers at the Bethlehem Brewworks, which was pretty busy for a Tuesday night. Now some night ridin' on tap for tonight after work.

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