Friday, March 5, 2010


While others have been visiting trainerville or actually riding there bikes outside, I've been trying some other off season methods of fitness. I picked up some snow shoes & cross country skis, both of which are a decent work out. I also tried some indoor rock climbing, another good workout that helps the non-cyclist muscles (upper body).

I actually got some saddle time this week: A nice 2 hour night spin up to Hawk Mtn road & some dirt roads for some climbing, a quick solo Vera Cruz lunch ride on Thursday, and 62 miles of some dirt roads and some good climbing in the sun today w/ Jay DeJesus, Craig Lander, and Dave Harms.

Some horse traffic on Keim Road.

Dave and Lander patiently waiting for Jay to check his phone that had been blowing up all day - all the hype of the Ti EWR must have the press talking.

One of Berks County's covered bridges, any ideas where? No prizes, just for fun.

Looks like the weather is gonna be great for the first of the March Training Series this Sunday. I'm going to attempt the Derby and 2 crit Sunday, so we'll see how that plays out.

I may actually update sooner than my last post. We'll see about that too.


ridin at 4:20 said...

Rt. 143 just outside of Lenhartsville.

Matt said...

4:20- You are correct.