Thursday, February 5, 2009


Another cold ride was on tap for the Rodale lunch ride. Pearson, Brad Ford, Matt Allyn and I left the north street building just after 12pm. Well after Beth got a few pics of Pearson's new bike and his homemade assflap fender (I think it was made out of a tupperware lid)

Apparently Flask attempted to guilt Pearson into the whole Lehigh Valley Fender Movement. But Pearson didn't give in and unhooked his tupperware lid for the ride.

We were headed out on the Vera Cruz loop when Matt Allyn decided it was TOO cold for the him and he bailed at Pennsylvania St. The 3 of us continued on, and it really wasn't too bad out. The roads were decent with only a few patches of snow/ice in the shady areas.

I felt great until the turn near the school where we caught a wicked head wind. Otherwise the ride was great, and we saw one other crazy cyclist out. Looks like nice long ride tomorrow and possibly the Derby for Sunday. Nice weather on tap for the weekend, so I hope everyone gets out and enjoys it!


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