Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend updates (2of2)...

A bunch of people were going out for a long Saturday ride, unfortunately I work Saturday's and can never get out on this ride. We were kinda busy at work for a change, and I didn't get outta there till almost 6:30pm.

Cush was having a birthday/1 year in PA bash at his place Saturday night. Beer, food, live band, and friends. How can you go wrong? The party was ridiculous, a keg of Fosters in the snow, the Elkie in the driveway which I thought the band was gonna play in the back??

This long night wouldn't work out too well for doing the Derby from SMC at 9am Sunday morning. So I chose to hook with Bill, JK, Taylor, John, Dkill, Ray, Plunkett, and Christine for a 3-4 hour winter paced road ride - notice Cush wasn't there, so it was in fact a winter paced ride! Most of the ride consisted of really cool back roads, riding through rivers of melting snow, HILLS, and some dirt roads that made you feel as though you had a double flat.

On the way back we stopped at Cush's for a much needed Red Bull boost. Recharged a few of the riders and off we headed back to Emmaus. Great ride, about 40 miles with just about 4000 feet of climb. A few of us capped the ride with some grub from the Superior, and some beers at Keith & Christine's. Fortunately I didn't have to go out and ride again, like Christine had to. She's testing some really killer Specialized women's free-ride bikes.

Back to the long work week, hoping for some great weather like we had yesterday!


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