Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend updates (1of2)...

This weekend had some good riding, along with some good partying as well. Friday's ride consisted of a fast 63 mile road ride out to Lk Ontalaunee. The Animal and Bobby Lea led us out for quite a bit of the ride (so this set the pace). By the time we got to the lake after making a wrong turn at my suggestion, we had put down about an 18 mph average even with a few stops and Bobby's flat.

We turned around to head home in order to get Beth back in time to pick up Nat from school. So the pace was once again fast to ensure our arrival in Emmaus by 3pm. We succeeded with time to spare, rolling in at 2:45. Pearson treated the bunch to some Old Milwaukee pounders (recovery beverage?) Tom and Hans rolled it a bit after 3pm after hitting the wall around Mertztown. Tom bought another round of Bass, for being the last one back from the ride (Beth's new rule).

Christine worked some overtime, since Wachovia is occasionally looking for OT. So, since she was working I headed back to SMC for some happy hour fun, with the excuse that I had to get a heater to Cush for his birthday/1 year in PA bash.


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