Friday, January 16, 2009

Mercury falling..

A high of 12.2* and an average temp of 8.1*

It was definitely a cold morning today, almost cold enough to keep me in the house this morning. I called Beth to see if she/anyone was going out on the lunch ride, she told me that she was still shopping therefore not riding, but Pearson was.

As usual I was running a few minutes late getting all my stuff together. When I say all my stuff - I mean ALL of my riding gear, in order to not absolutely freeze. I got to the North St Rodale building finding a few other brave souls - Bill, Brad, Pearson, Christine, & Steak. It was definitely a short ride - just under an hour. But we were out there, and it felt great!

As we rolled back into Emmaus, we saw Selene, Jason and Cush heading out for a 2.5 hour ride. At least another group of locals braved the temps. Hope some of you other crazies got out there and rode today.


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