Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TNT or Tuesday Night Towpath...

Tuesday night towpath adventure has again taken place this week. Last week it turned ICY and a few of us hit the deck - me included. I decided I would roll the fixie for last weeks towpath ride, big mistake. There were some ruts and the 23c 100psi tires and rough terrain didn't mix well.

This week I thought it was a good idea to bring the cross bike, another mistake. I was breaking through the top layer and getting shot all over the place. Therefore, I decided to bail on the balance of the ride once we got to Freemansburg and do some road riding. Night road riding is a lot more fun in Bethlehem and Allentown than it is in Lenhartsville and Hamburg. There are people around, cars surprisingly giving me lots of room with the Planet Bike Super Flash tail light, and houses/buildings to block some of the wind. It's kinda fun racing cars stoplight to stoplight on Easton Ave.

I even got to cruise by a friends' house I hadn't seen in awhile. His daughter is just about a year old and she can scooch around the house ridiculously fast! Yeah I know kinda off-topic non bike stuff. I guess it's time to start ramping up the volume or just ramp up the jawn.


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