Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's finally over...

The 2008 XC season has finally come to a close. After 26 races I can say I'm happy to just ride some cool rides with some good friends. This season has been great, both results and friendships & cool rides.

The Bear Creek finals were today, and it seems like there was a great showing of all the teams out today. I think the intent with the double points was to increase attendance of this race, which some have regarded very technical. I think Chuck and the guys at Bear Creek did a great job on the trails, and organizing this event.

The race started with a short prologue lap to the start/finish area. Sport had 2 laps to complete at 7 miles a lap, while Expert/Elite had to do 3 laps. I can't imagine doing another lap, especially not at the pace those guys ride. My plan for the day was to ride smooth and stay with the leaders and try to make my move later in the race. That kinda worked, as I kept an eye on Nick Capriotti from Loweriders (season champion) I just didn't have it to make the move later on, and I finished a minute off the lead.

With the 2nd place today that was my 7th race for points and the double points allowed me to drop a 9th place at the first Fair Hill race. I was sitting 3rd in points and todays race bumped me to 2nd place Sport Senior II. And today was also my last sport race, there I said it. Look for me at the back of the Expert Vet 1 pack next year.

I'd like to give some props to the recently upgraded to sport from beginner rider (Dave I think) He rode a really strong race and was hanging with Nick, just ahead of me until he bobbled in one of the rock gardens. I later found out he then sliced a front tire in two spots, with no tube he dnf'd. That sucks for your first sport race, but great job on the upgrade!

Congratulations to all the riders/teams out there on the podium today. Hope to see you all out on the trails in the off-season.

Pics to follow tomorrow or the next day.



Jason said...

Congrats on a great season. Good luck to you next year.


Dan K said...

Nice job Matt- you worked for it. Glad to see you're 'making the leap' too, because everyone else already knew that you had it in you!