Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cross season..

Well it seems cross season is upon us, funny that XC isn't even over yet. I have a weeks vacation from work, so I actually had a Saturday off. This morning Mike Yozell put on a cross clinic for about 8 people at a park near SMC.

This was a really helpful session, with a lot of dismount, mount and bike lifting drills. I had some issues with my dismount before these exercises, and after it was a much smoother, more fluid movement. I'm still having some issues with the remount, doing a stutter step on my left side and kinda hopping on the bike. Mike showed us that it's more swinging your right leg onto the saddle mid-thigh while running rather than jumping/springing onto the saddle.

There is a cross race at Bear Creek put on by Ray Ignosh next weekend the 13th and 14th. Should be a fun event, and just a week before the MASS season finale. I've seen a lot of people out pre-riding Bear Creek and the conditions are amazing and the crew there has done a lot of work on the trails, great job!!

Hope to see everyone out the in 2 weeks to battle it out for the series.


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