Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mercer Cup Mudfest 2008..

This past weekend was the Mercer Cup USGP Cyclocross race in Trenton, NJ. I attended only the Sunday mudfest, although a few friends were slinging mud on Saturday as well.

Our race started about 30 minutes late as there was a course re-route from the previous days racing. The called us up by the order of registration which I thought would have went well for me but I guess I reg'd later that I thought. Bill Strickland ended up with a front row spot! I was somewhere in the last 3rd or so, with Mark Taylor about a half mile back chillin' on the dock.

I tried to ride as much as possible but that still proved to be a lot of running/walking. Though I swear I've seen the old people in the mall speed-walking faster than we were trudging through peanut butter like mud. Here's a pic of me trying to ride right through some of the other "runners". It probably helped that I had Bowman yelling at me to ride it out, not sure which was faster.

I ended up riding pretty well, and place 27th out of 79 riders, with Taylor coming in 29th after starting further back than I. Damn he's fast on that SS Indy Fab.

The rest of the day was spent drinking, eating, and some cheering/heckling. Pete was gonna get into a fight with Ryan "Rusty Trumbone" Trebon, but Rusty backed down, guess he saw the mullet and got scared.

Next week is the Spring Mount race near Philly, I hope to make that race. See you all there.


Gunnar said...

sweet you should definitly come, i live like a minute from there and the mountain biking is awesome

Pete said...

The Spring Mountain Single track is actually pretty bad ass. I used to be local and stuff you know....