Monday, November 24, 2008


Well the cyclocross scene is almost over in this area, and I'm just starting to really enjoy it. Yesterday a few of us went to the Spring Mountain cross race just outside of Green Lane. The race was supposed to be at Spring Mountain, however when the temp reaches a certain level the snow machines automatically turn on, blowing snow all over the already staked and taped course.

The guys at Philadelphia Cyclismo and Cadence Cycles did a great job on such short notice at moving the venue to the Upper Salford Park just outside of Schwenksville. They put together a very fast flat course with tons of turns, mud bug, a steep ridable hill followed by an off camber switchback, and a set of barriers.

I decided to pre-register for both the B and C races. The C race started at 10:15ish with about 40 racers. At the start we were informed that there would be a preme for the first person to the barriers (Jamie Bockes). Jamie went out pretty hard and kept battling back and forth with 2nd place - ending up in first! I chased Plunkett the whole time, and he had put some time on me throughout the race, but I caught up to him by the end but couldn't sprint him for 3rd place. So I ended up in 4th place - my best cyclocross finish yet.

I was contemplating not doing the B race, however after Vegan Rob showed up - after riding from Nazareth to the venue. I figured I might as well do the B race since it was Rob's first cross race. I got to the line after finishing the first race with about 30 seconds to spare, but with no Rob in sight. The whistle blew and we were off, still no Rob - I yelled to Topher to let Rob know he's missing his race. About 30 seconds later I see him motoring along catching up to us.

There were definitely a few times throughout my race I contemplated dropping out, however I had such a cheering/heckling section I just couldn't do it. I finished the race in 14th place, just behing Rob. The pace was very quick in both races, just longer in the B race. This was my first day of doing both races.

Next up for me is Phillipsburg cross on Sunday Dec 7th. Then I think that is it for the season then? Hope everyone has good Thanksgiving!


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