Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bear Creek short track xc...

South Mountain Cycles put on the first of their short track series tonight. This was my first short track race, and it hurts.

I got outta work just after 5pm and blasted over to Bear Creek to check it out, a few people were there already. I spoke with Dan on the way and he had just left work at around 5:20 and he said he was bringing the new SS 29'er. I saw Bowman at the reg table and signed up for both the sport "B" race and the expert "A" race.

I went out and pre-rode the course, about 45 seconds in following Joe Luby, I overshot a turn due to minimal brakes after Sunday's mudfest. A short time later I went into the rock garden after the bridge a little hot and went over the bars - yeah even on a 29'er it happens. I rolled back to the reg table to possibly bail out on the "A" race and just do the "B" race - I figured with my lack of brakes and I would probably be tired enough after the first race, but I'll make the call after the first race.

Chuck had us roll down to the bottom of the one road for staging. On "1" we go, and we sprint up the hill, a right turn into the singletrack for a little climbing to the log ride/balance beam. The lead group was Gunnar, Joe Luby and me, and Gunnar was rocking the course. I ended up getting by them and grabbing the lead for the next 4 or 5 laps. I averaged about 3 1/2 minute laps for 7 laps.

As I'm riding around cooling down, and hacking up a lung, Topher, Matt Miller, Matty B, Keith R, Mike Yozell, the Nudy brothers, Matty K and another guy I didn't know were getting ready to head down to the start area with Chuck, so I decided to suck it up and do the "A" race after all. Again we go on "1" and sprint was on with Mike Yozell, Topher, Matt Miller and a few others were off fast. I was feeling a little tired from the first race, but kept on moving. Matty B, Keith, Dj and I were battling it out most of the race, with the fast guys probably 15-20 seconds up ahead. I got around Keith on one of the road climbs (he was on a SS 29'er) and I had gears, and I was chasing Matty B. A lap or two later - the final lap, I catch Matty B in the rock garden - apparently he bobbled because someone was off the bike in front of him, so I got by him and sprinted up the road hill AGAIN. Chasing Dj this time, I was on his wheel and he stands up to sprint, I shift down and stand as well giving it everything, just not enough as he got me by a wheel for 4th place. The fast guys obviously stayed out front but thankfully didn't lap us - placing - Mike Yozell, Matt Miller, Topher, Dj Nudy, Me. I didn't see how the rest of that race panned out but I'm guessing Matty B came in right behind me.

After everyone cooled down, Bowman lined us up for a missing out race. There was some handicapping setup, so we spread out in the designating (by Bowman) areas. This was the first time I've done this kind of race as well, short story - I took the win after about 15 laps. There was actually a $20 prize for the missing out win - cool I've never won cash at a race, so I get my race fee back + $10.

Bowman, Chuck and I headed down to the bar and had a few beers and wings. Time to race home and hang out with Christine around a fire and eat some burnt marshmellows. Take a shower, clean out the car, take out the trash - time to sleep. Night.



Travis said...

Nice job Matt. Sounds like a blast, I'll be at the next you.

Matt said...

Yeah it was pretty cool. I had to do something to make up for Sunday.

You doing Wawayanda H2H this weekned? That is a fun course - kinda like Greenbrier but more rocks.


Pete said...

Man i miss the BC short track, if your keeping up with DJ and Keith, you should race expert, looks like you getting strong!