Monday, May 4, 2009

Slingin' mud...

A bunch of crazy soles showed up in Montchanin, DE for the Escape from Granogue MASS race. I can say I definitely wanted to escape, as the course conditions were less than ideal.

I showed up around 9:30am, with ample time to pick up my race number and timing chip (this idea I really like). I talked with a few friends while waiting for the 11am race start. I chose to sit in the car instead of a warm up, as I figured I would get warmed up on the first lap.

We showed up to the staging area with about a dozen guys in my class. I don't know any of these guys, therefore I don't really know who to pace with. Marc set us off for our 3 laps of mud, with a firm warning of the wet bridges and roots. The start went up the road pretty chill paced, and I was sitting mid to back of the pack into the turn, then moving quickly to 2nd or 3rd up the muddy climb to the tower. Around the tower and down the first descent I moved around to lead for a bit, probably almost 1/3 of the first lap.

I'm looking forward to a race where you actually ride your bike, rather than taking it for a hike around the muddy woods. Though it doesn't look good for this week weather wise for this week. Unfortunately I have to work on Saturday for French Creek, or maybe fortunately cause it's probably gonna be a repeat of Sunday.


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