Monday, August 4, 2008

Blog name change??

Maybe I should re-name the blog "Slackura Matt" as I've been really slacking on the updates. Not much to update with no races going on, other than Bear Creek short track which was last Tuesday.

I won the "B" race and came in 4th in the "A" race. I have been trying to ride there a fair bit, preparing for the MASS finale at Bear Creek. Chuck's got some nice things planned for the XC loop.

Yesterday Chuck, Mike Melnick and I road some laps of the proposed XC course (some stuff may change). The weather was great and conditions were superb!! After the ride, Chuck and I road over to SMC for some coffee and snacks, I was trying to put in a bit over 3 hours. We got back to Bear Creek a little of the prescribed 3 hours and I can definately say that I was pretty tired after this ride.

The 29'er has to get torn down and needs a little love, it's creaking from everywhere. The new Lefty cartridge should be here tomorrow as I lost my lock out at the Tuesday short track, then lost some oil in the fork on Sunday (contaminating my pads and rotor) That's always nice to have to relace $25-$30 pads because your fork pisses oil out the bottom. Oh well, at lease they are sending the (revised) replacement parts.

That's it for now - I'll try to keep things a little more up to date for those that check in.


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